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on the floor of which, (grains of millet, usually consumed by
swine, were scattered.) Then, at the command of the king, the
doors of the house were locked and sealed <vwith the royal seal).
Nest morning when the doors were opened, it wa» dis-
covered that the swine which had a hearty feed, covered the
floor of the house with filth. •'Having observed this), the
Naranati caused a hundred fowls to be brought, and let them
into the house. At once they began to eat the grains of millet,
picking them up from the excreta of the swine. The King of
Kings then sent for the maJidlclar^ and (when he came)—point-
ing at the fo7,ls, asked,—" You said that we ate filthy creatures.
Look at the fowls that are eating the grains of millet, picking
them, ont from the filth of the swine. Now, tell nie, how great
is the race to which you, who eat these fowls, belong ?"
The mahaldar was greatly annoyed to hear this question.
In great anger, he attempted to leave (the audience hall); but
the king, having called (him) back, quieted his mind by treating
him with respect. Then having offered him tambula, with
several presents suitable to his position, he gave him leave to
depart from his presence.
The mahaldar then repaired to the place where his master,
Yadula Łaha Padusah was (living at the time). Removing
the turban from his head, he put it on round his neck, and said
in great ezcitement:
" Peace be on you, O, Padushah: (Your) rule has now come
to an end. The practices of the Mussalmans are not respected.
Kow, the infidel has become bold, he does not care lor the
honour of the Mussalmans. (Our) honour can only be saved
(in one way). Hazarat Padusah Saheb should destroy that
Narapati and posting military garrisons everywhere in the
Kingdom of Karnataka establish his authority. Otherwise not
even a particle of honour will be left to us. Therefore, having
listened to my words (Your Majesty) should be pleased to enter